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Analog 3584pins, (Optional : 5632pins)
Controller / OS
Pentium PC / Windows 2000
200-240V/100-120V 50;/60Hz: 3KVA
Fixture Type
Vacuum Type (Optional : Press Type)
Size / Weight
(H,D,W) 790mm x 850mm x 1080mm/227kgs

측정용 주파수
100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz, 1MHz
측정용 DC Voltage
0~±12V, Resolution: 5.86mV
측정용 DC Current
0~±200mA, Resolution:0.2mA
측정용 AC Voltage
0~7Vrms, Resolution: 5.86mV
AC 0~100V, DC 0~±100V, DC 1uA~160mA
R : 1~40MΩ, L : 1u~60H
C : AC 1p~150uF / DC 3u~40mF

Driver / Receiver
Non-Multiplexing 1:1 per pin architecture
Programmable Levels
Pin Drivers 0.5V to 4V, Pin Receivers -5V to 5V
Dut Power Supply
5V@6A, 3.3V@6A, 12V@8A, 2~20V@3A, -2~-20V@3A

Boundary Scan
B-Scan Chain Test, B-Scan Cluster Test &
B-Scan Virtual Nails Test Facilities
DUT Power Supplies
6V@20A, 15V@12A, 25V@8A, 36A@5A,55V@3.5A, 75V@2.5A, 100V@2A


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